How it all began...

The history of Breast Way Round 

Breast Way Round was first created by Shirley-Ann McKnight, after her very close and dear friend, Alyson Porter, was diagnosed with Cancer.

Even when she was unwell Aly revelled in the idea of riding a trike after having to give up her beloved bike. A group of close friends, including Paul Barker, who rides with us every year, helped raise funds to build Aly a trike.

She was overjoyed and there were plans made to take Aly on a tour of Scotland on her new trike and raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support in the process.

Unfortunately Aly was too ill to take part in the first Breast Way Round run and tragically, on the 2nd July 2008, Aly succumbed to her illness, just a few weeks after the first Breast Way Round run was completed.  Therefore Breast Way Round became a tribute to her life.

During the run we were also privileged to have Wynn Taylor and Carolyn Falconer ride with us. Both ladies were inspirational and made a huge impact on the riders. They too were taken by Cancer.

We ride in memory of these three ladies, as well as having our own personal reasons. 


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