Who Are We?

We are a group of bikers, predominantly female, who organise  events to raise vital funds for Macmillan Cancer Support. Each year, together with about 100 fellow riders in bright pink mohawks, tutus, wings and bras, we take over the West Coast of Scotland for a weekend for a sponsored motorcycle run.

Throughout the year we organise various other smaller fundraising events and collections, proven to be highly successful thanks to our pinked up biker outfits and enthusiasm.

All events are planned and organised  

by the BWRS Lead Team:



  • Chrissie Evans, Chairperson.  Has been riding for 10 years and first took part 2011. She joined the lead team in September 2012 and took on her current role in January 2014.

  •  Paul Barker, Vice Chair. Paul has covered around 250,000 miles on a motorbike, and as one of Aly's best friends, was there at the beginning in November 2007.

  • Kate and Robbie Anderson.  Kate is our Secretary and Robbie our Treasurer.  They have been involved with Breast Way Round Scotland since 2009 and did their first run in 2010.

  • Martin Murray, Safety adviser.  One of the team who has been with BWRS since the very start.


  • Laura Buchanan, is our newest member to the team (since 2014). She's been a rider since 2013 and we just had to get her in the team thanks to her enthusiasm and sparkling personality!